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Lefthand shutdown via UPS (APC or HP)

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Lefthand shutdown via UPS (APC or HP)

Hello @ all,


we have a problem with gracefully shutdown on power failure.


Our APC is configure with PCNS3.0.1

We can shutdown following machines


- 2x ESXi

- 20x virtual machines via shutdown script from APC


Our question is can we shutdown the Lefthand when the battery from UPS is in "low battery mode" automatically? (Via Shutdown script or software?)


Thanks for answers.





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Re: Lefthand shutdown via UPS (APC or HP)

if you can trigger scripts, you can use the CLI.


If anyone has a template for that it would be nice to post it, but that is how it COULD be done.

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Re: Lefthand shutdown via UPS (APC or HP)

i have same question.
I know plink can ssh to lefthand @port 16022
just want to know which command will do the job (shut down whole cluster)

Re: Lefthand shutdown via UPS (APC or HP)

It the "shutdownGroup" CLIQ command that performs a soft shutdown of a management group.

Re: Lefthand shutdown via UPS (APC or HP)



For P4000 SAN solutions querries you can also visit the HP Guided troubleshooting tree.


Below is the link for HPGT:




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