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Management NIC Query?

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Management NIC Query?

Obviously best practise is to have a dedicated iSCSI LAN.

So, if you have one, how do you manage your P4000's from your main LAN?

I know within the CMC there is an option to allocate a NIC for management, but presumably you have to do that on each node so there goes half your bandwidth...
Respected Contributor

Re: Management NIC Query?

Connect your iSCSI network to your firewall (or a router). Create a ACL and for a set of IP addresses (set workstations/servers) that you will allow to connect from the CMC.

OR you could allow routing of any IP, but limit it ONLY to the ports used by the CMC for management... (don't remember what they all are, but I'm pretty surer there is a document with them listed here somewhere)

Damon Rapp

Re: Management NIC Query?

We just put two nics in our management box so it was on both our server vlan and the iscsi vlan. The CMC uses the iscsi vlan while we connect to the box over the server vlan.