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Mixed software SANiQ 9.5(G1 Nodes) and 10.5(G2 Nodes)

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Mixed software SANiQ 9.5(G1 Nodes) and 10.5(G2 Nodes)

I have two sites with each with a single management group.


Each management group has two clusters, 1 with G1 nodes and 1 with G2 nodes.


I recently updated the SANiQ on the G2's to 10.5... The G1's are on 9.5 and HP doesn't intend to release 10.5 for the G1's


Support is telling me that running mixed versions of SANiQ in the same management group is unsupported for VMware the SRA.


Then they stopped replying to my case...


Is it possible to move the G2 storage to a new management group without taking the data offline?