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Newbie - HP P4000 VSA snapshots read only question

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Newbie - HP P4000 VSA snapshots read only question


I'm a relative newbie to working with the P4000s so I am cutting my teeth with the VSA appliance.

I am testing how snaphots work, and I have successfully taken and connected to the snapshot by adding in the new ISCSI name of the snapshotted volume in the windows iscsi initiator. I have assigned the server read/write access as well, and the disk is available in computer management etc. All good, however when i try to write a file to the snapshotted disk, I get an access denied error. I've done a google, and some folk say snapshots are read only, but I am confused by the fact that I can assign a server read/write to access to the snapshot, this implies that I should be able to write to it!

Have I done something wrong or is this the way it works. And if so, is there a sneaky way I can get write access to the snapshot?

thanks for any help!

Dirk Trilsbeek
Valued Contributor

Re: Newbie - HP P4000 VSA snapshots read only question

you can create a smartclone volume from that snapshot, the smartclone volume should then be writable.

Re: Newbie - HP P4000 VSA snapshots read only question

Snapshots are Read only copies of Volumes, till you assign them to a Host.

You should be able to write to the Snapshot volume as well if you have created a Snapshot.

Once you assign a server with read/write access to the snapshot, you should be able to write to it.

The changes are written to a temporary hidden area on the SAN, which you an apply to the Snapshot or Discard it.

On the description page of the Snapshot, you will find Temp Space : Normal (none...)

And when you right click on the snapshot you will find an option to delete temp space or apply them to snapshot...
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