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P4000 Snapshots stuck on "deleting" causing backlog

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P4000 Snapshots stuck on "deleting" causing backlog

We have a management group consisting of four clusters, one of which the first three do remote snapshots to on a daily basis.  When these snapshots complete they trim back the kept snapshot on the source volume to just one, which deletes any other additional snapshots on the source volume.  Recently this deleting has not taken place, and so the source volumes have 5 or 6 snapshots piling up and stuck with the status of "deleting".  This is resulting in remote snapshots for all volumes in this cluster pausing due to backlog.  Has anyone encountered this and know of a fix?  This management group is all up to date with patches and running 10.5.  See the two attached screenshots.


Re: P4000 Snapshots stuck on "deleting" causing backlog

I ended up contacting HP Lefthand support and they logged into each manager in the management group with their magical root access and enabled "clean_wt 1", which over the course of 24 hours helped to clear out the snapshots that were stuck on deleting.  Additionally I was asked to one by one reboot each VSA, which may or may not have helped more than the "clean_wt 1" entry.