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P4300 G2 Update SAN/IQ 9.0 to SAN/IQ 10.0

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P4300 G2 Update SAN/IQ 9.0 to SAN/IQ 10.0

We have P4300 G2 which is currently on SAN/IQ 9.0, and would like to upgrade to the latest version 10.


I would shut down all VM's and pause all replication before the upgrade.

What is the best way to do this, considering it has not had any updates since 2011?


Also, how long will this update take? Am I looking at 30 minutes, or multiple hours?






Re: P4300 G2 Update SAN/IQ 9.0 to SAN/IQ 10.0


I recently did this upgrade on a P4500 NetRAID multi-site cluster


did it online took about 2 hours overall


although we did have scheduled maintenance downtime, it went fine and caused 0 downtime in the end :)

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Re: P4300 G2 Update SAN/IQ 9.0 to SAN/IQ 10.0

the cmc updates each node one at a time and then reboots it.  this forces a resync of any changes during the upgrade process and reboot... the amount of time that takes for each node depends on your setup and how much data changed during that process.


This can be as short as 3-5 minutes per node or an hour if the system is under heavy load.  You can always try rebooting a node to see how long that takes to resync to give you an idea of how long the upgrade process is.