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P4300 G2 iSCSI VLAN Route to configure NTP server

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P4300 G2 iSCSI VLAN Route to configure NTP server

I need some help configuring my P4300 G2 SAN to configure routes from the iSCSI vlan (VLAN 20 192.168.20.xxx/24) to our Transport VLAN (1 172.16.1.xxx/24) to allow NTP communications only from the SAN to the NTP GPS clocks ( and


We are running the iSCSI VLAN on a ProCurve 2910al switch(s) with port 2-24 untagged to VLAN 20 (iSCSI) and port 1 untagged VLAN 1 (Transport). These switches eventually connection to a Firewall with the VLANS of (1,3,10,50, and 60) as I did not want iSCSI traffic being able to route up to the firewall. 


How can I configure the P4300 and the 2910al(s) to route NTP traffic up only?


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