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P4300 G2 iSCSI VLAN Route to configure NTP server

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P4300 G2 iSCSI VLAN Route to configure NTP server

I need some help configuring my P4300 G2 SAN to configure routes from the iSCSI vlan (VLAN 20 to our Transport VLAN (1 to allow NTP communications only from the SAN to the NTP GPS clocks ( and


We are running the iSCSI VLAN on a ProCurve 2910al switch(s) with port 2-24 untagged to VLAN 20 (iSCSI) and port 1 untagged VLAN 1 (Transport). These switches eventually connection to a Firewall with the VLANS of (1,3,10,50, and 60) as I did not want iSCSI traffic being able to route up to the firewall. 


How can I configure the P4300 and the 2910al(s) to route NTP traffic up only?


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