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P4300 Lefthand iQ San 9.5 need to Upgrade

Occasional Advisor

P4300 Lefthand iQ San 9.5 need to Upgrade


   I am trying to upgrade my old Lefthand San Storageworks P4300 to 12.5 OS. I am currently at 9..5 but when I log into the CMC and do Upgrade it will not allow me. I tried using Advance and upgrade to 10.5 since it is not supported to upgrade from 9.5 upto 12.5 (the latest my san can goto). It also states the 9.5 is not supported to 10.5 and is greyed out. I do not see any option to upgrade to 10.0, so how can I upgrade my SAN? I am looking to repurpose this for testing but would like it to be fully updated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: P4300 Lefthand iQ San 9.5 need to Upgrade

Hi Rich, 

The P4300 and P4500 (G1) cannot be upgraded past 9.5 due to hardware limitations.

I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support