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P4500 G2 - SAN/IQ 9.0 Storage System Backups


P4500 G2 - SAN/IQ 9.0 Storage System Backups

Does anyone know how to perform a Storage System backup in SAN/IQ 9 on a P4500? The documentation (i.e. "P4000 SAN Solution user guide" pg 42) states that you should be able to go backup under Storage System Tasks - but for the life of me I cannot find it.

I figured out how to backup the management group, however I would like to ensure the Storage Systems are also backed up correctly...

Re: P4500 G2 - SAN/IQ 9.0 Storage System Backups

Crucialx, That option is only available for SANiQ version 8.5 or below.

The Guide is kinda of universal.. not restricted to 9.0, hence the mention of Backing up Storage Config for older versions.

SANiQ 9.0 does not offer that option.
In SANiQ 9.0 the Configuration is stored in the Global Database.

Hence not requiring the use of Backing up Config.
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Aaron Weller
Occasional Advisor

Re: P4500 G2 - SAN/IQ 9.0 Storage System Backups

Jitun, thanks!

So, should is backing up the Management Group config sufficient with SAN/iQ 9 or are there other recommended backups to be taking as well?