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P4500 MDL Sata Disk Failure - No physical LED on

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Kelly Martin_2
Occasional Advisor

P4500 MDL Sata Disk Failure - No physical LED on


I have a P4500 SATA unit that sent me a message saying that a disk had failed. When I went to physically check the disk, no failure light is illuminated. The console shows drive 11 to be fauly. I cannot find a "map" or simple illustration that shows what each drive number is or if there is somewhere in the console that will allow me to turn that one disk's led on. I'm using 8.5 still.

Any help/information would be greatly appreciated. I know there is a sticker on top of the unit, but I would rather not try and slide it out, if possible.

Thank you,


Re: P4500 MDL Sata Disk Failure - No physical LED on

If CMC says Drive 11 is Faulty, Then Drive 11 is most probably reporting Predictive Failure.

The drives are numbered from left to right starting from 1 to 12.
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Kelly Martin_2
Occasional Advisor

Re: P4500 MDL Sata Disk Failure - No physical LED on

Thank you for the reply!

The drive finally kicked off the failed light this morning after the node degraded. However I am still waiting on a replacement from HP. My VAR said they are unable to order replacements like they can for our Proliant servers, but that is another issue.

Thanks for the help!