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P4500 Multi-site SAN warning status

Occasional Contributor

P4500 Multi-site SAN warning status

Hello all,


I have a P4500 Mutli-Site SAN that works well. However, lately, I've noticed

some strange behaviour, and would like some input from the community.


In the Configuration Summary, I can see

a warning sign next to the 'Network Bond Consistency'. 


A 'read timeout' window is displayed when I try to see details of a node (Diagnostics, Storage, TCP/IP Network).


Has anyone seen this?






Trusted Contributor

Re: P4500 Multi-site SAN warning status

You have a network issue.

Thats why when you go to look at the node it gives you that error.

What does the error in the best practices menu say?

If you have access to the switches just do a show port status and see if you are connected.

It could be the connection had degraded to a slower link which could be bad for the rest of the nodes in the cluster.