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P4500 remote snapshot bandwidth setting

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P4500 remote snapshot bandwidth setting



My P4500 software and management console is 9.5.  Is it possible to set the bandwidth use for remote snapshot according to a schedule?  (for example, maximum bandwidth during non-office hour and limited bandwidth during office hour)  If yes, where can I set this?


Re: P4500 remote snapshot bandwidth setting

This cannot be done in the CMC (there is only the option to manually change the remote Bandwidth), but it can be scripted using the CLIQ and an external scheduler.


The modifyRemoteAssociation or the modifyRemoteSnapshotSchedule command offer you primaryBandwidth and remoteBandwidth as optional command flags to tweak around with the remote snapshot bandwidth.  


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Re: P4500 remote snapshot bandwidth setting

You cannot set this to a schedule.

The best way to control it is with the schedule.

You would do your remote copies off hours.

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Re: P4500 remote snapshot bandwidth setting

++ for what tom said.  That is how you CAN do it, but gut check tells me its a bad idea to try and tweak the system that much w/ snapshots.  Change your snapshot schedule if you don't want your bandwidth used during the day or setup QoS priority on your firewall if its so critical, but I would think you will end up with failed snapshots if you choke down the bandwidth much.