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Power Ambient error message

Occasional Advisor

Power Ambient error message

I just installed two nodes and I am getting the error message below. I think it means that my nodes are not getting clean, even power but I want to know if anyone else has gotten this or knows for sure what it means.


Hostname: P4500-02
IP Address:
Management Group: MG-01
Serial Number: 13:B9:03:22:43:AC

Power Ambient = faulty. Power Ambient Temperature = 42
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Re: Power Ambient error message

I checked in my MIB files, and couldn't find anything regarding the range of acceptable temperature for the Power Supply, but it sounds like 42c (107.6F) is a bit high, and could be triggering the warning.

Is it overly warm in the datacenter? Or it could possibly be a faulty PSU (or maybe a faulty thermo probe). I would call HP Support

Paul Drangeid
TeleData Consulting, Inc.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Power Ambient error message

Could by this problem?

c01959960 - ADVISORY: HP LeftHand P4000 power ambient temperature thresholds are incorrect after upgrading an HP LeftHand P4500 or P4300 to BIOS version 2009.08.04 (A)

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Re: Power Ambient error message


Thanks, that was it. I patched my four nodes and we'll see. But that document was the answer.

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Re: Power Ambient error message

I had this same problem a few months back. Prior to the patch coming out the workaround was to set the fans to run at full speed in the BIOS.
Jonathon Desmond
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Re: Power Ambient error message

+1 for installing that patch fixes the error. I had the same but 41 degrees.