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Print / save P4300 configuration

M. N.

Print / save P4300 configuration

I need to save and/or print the configuration of a P4300 cluster.

My goals are either:


  • Saving the current configuration in order to restore it after possible changes
  • Document and describe the current configuration

I can obviously save and print screenshots, but it's not a smart solution...

Can anybody suggest a smarter solution?




Honored Contributor

Re: Print / save P4300 configuration

Does the "view managment group configuration" option when you right click on the mgt group work for you?

M. N.

Re: Print / save PAPPY configuration

Thank you for your message.

It looks like the report I can get contains only part of the information I need.

  • Do you think that the report I can get is enough to rebuild the configuration in case of a problem or a disaster?
  • Can I use it to rebuild the configuration in case of need?
  • Is there any other way to get a more complete report?