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Purpose of management port on P4500

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Purpose of management port on P4500

We purchased a P4500 a couple of months ago. I noticed on the back that there is a mgt port. I was hoping that I could easily segregate the iSCSI traffic from my monitoring/CMC access with this port. I don't see anywhere how to configure this port and if I can't use it I will need to put the iSCSI traffic on a vlan that has my other network traffic. Any ideas? Thanks

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Re: Purpose of management port on P4500



On the boxes you have 2 ethernet ports for the iSCSI and management trafic... Yes CMC will communicate thru these ports also by design.


The third management / ILO port is the onboard Lights Out interface where you can connect for purposes like power on, check hardware health status and other hardware related stuff. This ILO can be found in all HP Proliant servers... But on this ILO port there is no P4000 related trafic...





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