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Query on Contract identifier (SAID) and License keys

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Query on Contract identifier (SAID) and License keys

Hi Experts,

                        We have purchased new hp  products(HP Store Virtual,HP V1910-24G SWITCH and HP Server ) plus their respective softwares. Now  being new to such thing ..I'am really confused here on the following areas:


1 - We have the license keys here so what do we do with it?

2- The SAID number where can we obtain it so we can use it if we have problems

3- Our warranty status and support status where can we find it?


I appreciate any help provided here...please mind that this is my first ime buying HP products so I really dont know where to go about.


Many Thanks






Honored Contributor

Re: Query on Contract identifier (SAID) and License keys


1) license keys if you need to install are from hp site register with your HP Passport and follow the instructions

2) SAID you get from HP support or it is on your support conntract with HP maybee you have it.

3)warrenty information you get from HP site with your product serial number. this dosen't include HP softpacks sold seperatly




Re: Query on Contract identifier (SAID) and License keys

Thank you , I checked my support base against my new products Serial Numbers and found the support was still active and maybe buy SAID separatly if my support expires.


Many Thanks again.