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Hello everyone,


Our P4302 cluster keeps throwing these errors for excessive utilization (95.79%) and Normal utilization (93.39%).


In the console, it flat out says 89% utilization. I have no idea why it keeps throwing errors for high utilization and even the one that is "normal" is incorrect according to the console.


any help would be awesome.  MAybe it would be better for me to open a tick on this, but I don't know how to do that.





Honored Contributor


are you doing any scheduled snapshots?  I bet you are jumping over the warning value when one is created and then after it is deleted, the SAN/IQ starts to reclaim the space and sends you the resolution notice while it is clearing out that deleted snapshot and then you are just not watching the utilization value at the right time to catch that change...  btw, I'm a bit supprised that there isn't a utilization % to monitor in the performance monitoring window, but I guess they think its just something that shouldn't be changing that much.


side note:  assuming you are using thin provisioning, running a system arund 90% full (unless its a very large total size) is something I would not be comfortable doing.



I suggest creating a volume with a fixed full size to use as a buffer should you actually run out of space... if you get to 100% utilization, any additional writes will fail and all your LUNs will go into read only mode and really mess up your day unless you can quickly free up space by deleting something.