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Remove Management Group from CMC?

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Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Remove Management Group from CMC?

I'm sure I'm just being blind here but... how can I remove a management group from the CMC?


I don't want to delete the management group, I just don't want it to be visbile in my CMC any longer.





EDIT - and my production Management Group is now emailing me to tell me the connection to the remote management group is down.  I know because I unplugged it as we're doing some experiments on remote copy for DR purposes.

Honored Contributor

Re: Remove Management Group from CMC?

Remove all of the node IPs in the Mgt group from your "Find Systems" dropdown and make sure the "Auto Discovery by broadcast" option is not selected.  After removing those things you should simply need to restart the CMC and it won't show up.  If you have even a single node from the mgt. group in there it will show the full group on the CMC.

Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: Remove Management Group from CMC?

Thank you!  I was expecting a right-click operation or something along those lines.