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SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

Occasional Contributor

SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

I'm noticing something odd after installing the 9.0 software for my two node P4300 Starter SAN.

When viewing the basic stats on the Performance Monitor the Queue Depth Total for the cluster is being reported as 2,155. That's obviously quite high.

so, I broke it down by adding the latency and queue depth total for all the datastores on the cluster. The queue depth for some datastores was showing near zero (as past data shows it should be) but a few were in the hundreds including a new datastore which is only holding VMWare template files so there should be little to no activity on it.

The latency readings for all datastores is hovering around zero as well.

There's also two other pieces of interesting information. First, the Storage devices themselves show queue depth totals of zero and latencies of near zero.

Also, the Queue Depth Totals that are high are staying consistently high with very little fluctuation so their graphical line is dead straight.

so, performance is fine but the Queue Depth Total numbers suggest it shouldn't be.

I'd appreciate any help on this matter.

Occasional Advisor

Re: SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

I have the same issue. Also P4300G2 starter.

Currently trying to get support to recognise it as an issue. The monitor seems to be increasing the value during load, and then re-adding the value to the previous one when the load drops instead of subtracting this amount. It makes the queue depth monitor completely useless, I did not see this under 8.5.
Occasional Contributor

Re: SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

I think you're right. The counter for my Queue Depth Total is now sitting at nearly 11,000, most likely due to backups last night.

It appears the system is reporting the summation of all queue depth rather than a real-time number.
Respected Contributor

Re: SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

If it is creating a running total it sounds like they assigned it a "counter32" type instead of "gauge"...

If you are using a 3rd party monitoring with SNMP you can temporarily fix it by changing the measure type from gauge to counter...
Or wait for HP to patch the software ;)
Fred Blum
Regular Advisor

Re: SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

I am also running SANiQ 9 after upgrading from SANiQ 8.5 but on my system it isn't a running total.
Looking at it while a database backup is performed Queue Depth Total value mostly 0 (changing), max 2, average 0.2 changing now to 0.1.

I am running DSM 9 on the server nodes.
Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

Did anyone confirm for sure that this is an issue?

I'm sitting looking at a lightly loaded P4500 cluster with a queue depth of 14,650 if the CMC is to be believed.

Re: SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

I am having the same issue and have just disabled the queue depth counter. Hoping it is not a "real" issue.
Paul Hutchings
Super Advisor

Re: SAN IQ 9.0 performance counters

Known issue and to be fixed in an upcoming CMC update according to HP technical - date of CMC update not known.