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Snapshot not being deleted

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Hugo Koren
Occasional Visitor

Snapshot not being deleted



When you look at the screenshot, is it safe to remove the snapshot manualy? This snapshot is there for months now and not attached to any of the Hyper-V servers.


The most likely reason that it was not being deleted at the time of creation has to to with the Hyper-V host run into a hanging condition and was unresponsive. There for needed to give the machine a hard reset. That same night all of the backups where failed because the Hyper-V cluster was not responding anymore because of one host that was not responding anymore.


All the Hyper-V nodes have been rebooted in the meantime and this snapshot is not attached(not shown anymore in diskmanagement on any of the hosts) anymore to a Hyper-V.


So, is it same to manualy delete the snapshot?







Re: Snapshot not being deleted

 If you don't need the snapshot anymore, then you can delete it manually.