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Solaris MPXIO on a P4500?


Solaris MPXIO on a P4500?

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction for setting up SunOS software initiators using MPIO to a P4500 cluster, we cant find any documentation for this, it seems nobody is using solaris and lefthands, most info is for FC MPxIO.

Chris Wigglesworth
Occasional Advisor

Re: Solaris MPXIO on a P4500?

We used the information in this Sun Blueprints document


We stuck to using IPMP and have had it working successfully on a couple of Solaris 10 clusters for a few months now.
Kirk Kirkconnell
Occasional Visitor

Re: Solaris MPXIO on a P4500?

I too am trying to do this and while I can easily get the volumes connected to my Solaris server, it shows up as 4 different devices. (I have 4 P4500 G2s in my cluster, but I am not sure that correlates though.) I am also very frustrated that there is zero documentation on this.

In my case each has its own ISID, but the same TPGT so they are see individually. Am I missing something on getting multipathing to work on Solaris 10 so it see all 4 of these as the same volume? So with all of the link aggregation we have, it is not using any of it since there is only one session. I have looked at that Blueprint document too many times to count and IMO, it is just not detailed enough where it counts. Plus, it is nearing 6 years old. Is the HP P4500 using MC/S and does Solaris 10 now support this method? I have seen in other docs where as of Solaris 10 update 4 in some and Solaris 10 update 5 in other docs, it will be supported.

Any ideas?