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StoreVirtual SplitNetwork - Direct Connection between nodes


StoreVirtual SplitNetwork - Direct Connection between nodes

Hi guys,


I can´t find a clear statement for that in the networking guidelines:


Is it possible (and recommendable) to connect the nodes in a 2-node cluster directly, so without a switch in between by 10GB and use that interface for replication traffic? This could save costs for switching infrastructure and remove a possible that supported?

ISCSI + Management of course need to go through a switch, but only for storage replication traffic it should be theoretically possible....are there any impacts on Quorum availability?


Thanks in advance



Re: StoreVirtual SplitNetwork - Direct Connection between nodes

Hi BadHabit,

No, direct connect is not supported. The storage nodes need a switched connection so they can talk full-mesh between each other. The switch(es) also allow multipath, load balancing and failover from the host side. The product is designed to make use of a switched network and will not have full functionality without it.

You may be able to make it work without a switch, but managing any type of failure scenario is a problem.

I am an HPE employee - HPE StoreVirtual Support