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StoreVirtual sizing - Network RAID 5

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StoreVirtual sizing - Network RAID 5



I am trying to understand the StoreVirtual capacity sizing. We have 3 Storevirtual P4330 each with 8 by 1TB disk drives in a hardware RAID 5 configuration providing 6.2TB usable space. If I put these into a network RAID 5 configuration I was expecting about 12TB usable storage as per the various sizers I have used. In reality I only get about 9 TB.


If anybody can advise if there are any paramters I need to consider it would be great.




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Re: StoreVirtual sizing - Network RAID 5

Make sure you make the volumes thin porvisioned.

Also make sure you are using the volumes as repositories and not for lots of writes.

I have had previous posts on why you want to do this.

Let me know what happens once you change the volumes to thin.


Re: StoreVirtual sizing - Network RAID 5



For HP Store Virtual 4000 series SAN Solution querries you can also visit the HP Guided troubleshooting tree.

Below is the link for HPGT:


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