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Storevirtual MEM driver offline bundles


Storevirtual MEM driver offline bundles

Hi all,

I know this has been asked before but where can I point my vCenter VUM to get the MEM driver updates? The documentation refers to the vib depot but I can only find an old version of the offline bundles which can't be auto imported by VUM.

The .vib files are a real pain when deploying multiple systems or performing upgrades so I'd prefer to use VUM.

Any information is much appreciated.


Ben Loveday


Re: Storevirtual MEM driver offline bundles

OK, unfortunately no replies but I thought I'd put an update to this issue :-)

Turns out earlier this month the VIB offline bundles were both updated (the MEM driver and iSCSI rescan VIBs).

Now these can be downloaded and imported into VUM. Unfortunately no VUM header exists to allow these to be automagically downloaded by VUM but were are at least one step closer.

However, there seems to be a driver signing problem with these latest offline bundles so will log a job for this.