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Ugrade P4500 G2 San i/Q 9.5 t o10

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Ugrade P4500 G2 San i/Q 9.5 t o10

First of all, sorry about my english! My native language is brazilian portuguese.

I would like to upgrade our P4500 G2 SAN solution to the latest version and I'm concerned about the availability of the virtual machines running on a vSphere 5 environment connected to LUN's on P4500 SAN while the upgrade process runs.

According with brazilian HP support I would need FOM running on the environment, but I already have 5 regular managers and a quorum of 3, and that I would need to power off our vSphere environment to do the upgrade.

Ours vSphere are connected through the VIP and iSCSI.

I would like any comments about the upgrade process.

Thank's in advance.

Attached is a print of our P4500 Solution.



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Re: Ugrade P4500 G2 San i/Q 9.5 t o10

Don't see any reason why it shouldn't work to do an upgrade.  If you click on a node, and then click the availability tab it will show you any volumes that will become unavailable if a node goes down during the upgrade.  If you see no volumes in that tab you should be alright seeing as your quarum is good.


I know that the CMC gives you those warning messages, but thats all they are, warnings.


What you can do to put your mind at ease, if you have the time setup a test VSA lab.  Deploy 6 nodes like you have on a vmware server and set it up just like your production enviroment.  Then test the upgrade on that first.


As long as you don't run into any glitches you should be alright.


Re: Ugrade P4500 G2 San i/Q 9.5 t o10

You need not have a Fail Over Manger if you have 5 Managers in you Management Group without Sites

As long as you have Network RAID 10 your upgrade should go through fine.

Try upgrading when the load on the SAN is the least... generally during the weekend after business .
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Re: Ugrade P4500 G2 San i/Q 9.5 t o10

Thank you very much for the suggestion! I'll try to deploy a test environment to test the upgrade.

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Re: Ugrade P4500 G2 San i/Q 9.5 t o10

where can I download I/Q 10?

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Re: Ugrade P4500 G2 San i/Q 9.5 t o10

Hi, from CMC Console, you can download the last actualization files..