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Upgrade to 9.0 Problems

Gavin Race
Occasional Contributor

Upgrade to 9.0 Problems

Hi there,

I attempted to upgrade our multisite SAN to version 9.0 but it hung for nearly 24 hours on communicating with a remote FOM. I cancelled the upgrade which was fine. However ...

When I attempt to run the upgrade again it says:

Gathering the installation destination information for 'XX-NodeX' failed. The upgrade partition is currently in use. Cancelling all further installations.

I can then only click Finish.

Any ideas anyone??
Occasional Visitor

Re: Upgrade to 9.0 Problems

Try rebooting each of the boxes and see if it clears. I get that every once in a while and it clears afterrebooting.
Gavin Race
Occasional Contributor

Re: Upgrade to 9.0 Problems

One at a time I take it?

Can you do that through software or does it need to be physically powered down?
Respected Contributor

Re: Upgrade to 9.0 Problems

I typically remove legacy fom from the mgmt group before an upgrade and replace it with the latest version from hp manually rather than attempt to upgrade the failover manager..

Re: Upgrade to 9.0 Problems

Hi Gavin, Yes restart them one at a time and after rebooting each node wait for the volumes to complete the re-sync, then restart the next node and so on.

When upgrading saniq, the nodes mounts a /lhnupgrade partition , which gets cleared after a restart.

And yes you can reboot the Node from CMC.
Just right click on the node and you have the reboot/power off option.
just select the time as 0 for instant reboot.
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