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VSA 8.5 not detecting new VMDK


VSA 8.5 not detecting new VMDK

Dear all,

wonder if you could help. We have a VSA build installed on ESXi 4.1.0 build 260247. We initially started with one VMDK added to the VSA at SCSI position 1:0, and have since successfully added a second VMDK at 1:1. I've followed the instructions again to add a third VMDK at 1:2, however, when I restart the VSA the node doesn't seem to be detecting the third disk (its not appearing in the Disk Setup tab). I've now shut down and restarted the management group 3 times to see if it will detect, and its just not seeing it.

The VMDK is added as independant and persistent, its at the right SCSI location, and its only the third data disk we've added. The VSA is fully registered and licensed, and to coin the phrase... it worked last time (when I added the second disk).

Any ideas what I may or may not be doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.


Re: VSA 8.5 not detecting new VMDK

Please do feel free to ignore - strangely, the node only reported the disk as detected after about 15 minutes after the node came online... or about the length of time it takes to log in, search the forums for an answer, and then post a query which 10 seconds later turns out to be meaningless...
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Re: VSA 8.5 not detecting new VMDK

Murphy strikes again...

Where's the "undo" button on these forums?