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VSA - no formatted devices available on reboot

Occasional Contributor

VSA - no formatted devices available on reboot

I have a two node VSA cluster configured on a BL460-G7 connected to a D2200sb storage blade running Hyper-V.  In preparation to take one of the nodes offline for maintenance, I enabled a virtual manager on node1.  While I was busy testing something else, the UPS powering the blades sent a shutdown signal to both BL460's.  The shutdown just powered down the Hyper-V servers without shutting down the management group.  The VSA VM's shut down gracefully, not a save state or forced turn off.


Upon rebooting the cluster, neither VSA would come back online.  The following status appears:


Storage System Not Ready: No Formatted Devices Available, Manager Normal, Virtual Manager Normal, SAN/IQ connection


The storage blade is visable and the drives do appear to the Hyper-V machine.


Please advise, I am not sure where to go from this point.

Occasional Contributor

Re: VSA - no formatted devices available on reboot

I should add that I am running the VSA with pass-through disks on the D2200sb and not .vhd