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XenServer booting from SAN?


XenServer booting from SAN?

What are peoples thoughts on booting XenServer from a SAN rather than from a local disk? We are about to purchase a few HP BL490c G7 blades, and the only hard drive options are SSDs which are quite expensive. Our HP reseller recommended to boot from the SAN (HP P4000) instead of purchasing SSDs.

What are the downsides and benifits of booting from SAN? Is it recommended ?
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: XenServer booting from SAN?


i think you asked also in the citrix forum :

probably you could boot the xen server from USB key :

there are several configuration of HP lefthand.


Re: XenServer booting from SAN?

Yep, I also posted on the Citrix forums.

We ended up goign down the path of purchasing the SSDs for the server - as it appears that booting from SAN is not officially supported by Citrix yet!

Thanks for the link, could definitely be useful down the track if we need to install on a USB key.