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how to enable cache on P4500 Lefthand?

Occasional Collector

how to enable cache on P4500 Lefthand?

after cache battery was replaced we have the message "

The Write 'Cache 1' status is 'Disabled'. Write performance is degraded."

How do we enable the  cache?

Honored Contributor

Re: how to enable cache on P4500 Lefthand?

On a Samrt Arry controller:


When a cache battery fail It will disable the Write cache. And go from write back to write through mode.


Once the battery is replaced. It will remain in write through mode, untill the new battery got a sufficint charge.

Once the new battery hold a sufficient charge, it will enable the write cache. Hence put it in write back mode.


During POST it will tell you so.


Once Charge is OK iot will enable, and you do not need to do anything :D