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iSCSI LUN is full and unable to be presented to ESXi hosts ?

Super Advisor

iSCSI LUN is full and unable to be presented to ESXi hosts ?


I need urgent help,

All of my ESXi servers has just lost access to the iSCSI VMFS LUN that is presented from my HPE Lefthand P4300G2 like below:

Full LUNFull LUN

As the above screenshot shows, it was full, I need to delete some old VMs to continue using it, but somehow I cannot understand why when the LUN is presented to the servers group, the ESXi server cannot be accessible through vSphere console ?

Even when the Re-scan was succesful from the vSphere console, the LUN is listed as Innaccessible.

But when I unpresent it, the ESXi server is now accessible or manageable from the vSphere console.

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

Thanks in advance.

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Re: iSCSI LUN is full and unable to be presented to ESXi hosts ?

when you run out of space, all LUNs go into read-only access.  I don't use vmware so I can't say how they handle this situation, but my guess is that it is checked for write access and when it finds it cannot write to the LUN it says its inaccessible.


I always suggest that if you over-provision your system, that you keep at least one FULL provisioned LUN that is empty with enough space to act as a buffer (I typically use 50GB, but this depends on how quick your actual storage growth is).  The idea is that if you have a runaway situation where all your thin LUNs suddenly expand or you aren't paying attention and run out of capacity, that you can very quickly log in and delete that LUN to get R/W access to the cluster back and have enough time to either clean the other LUNs, or order and install a new node.


If you can't delete a snaphot or anything minor to get R/W access back, you might need to call support to be able to override the situation and manually free up some space inside a LUN.

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Re: iSCSI LUN is full and unable to be presented to ESXi hosts ?

@oikjn, my P4300 G2 is already out of support and on the SANiQ v9.5, now I'm trying to delete some VMs data in the LUN, but so far I got no access.

However, one thing to try is to upgrade it to the latest edition v12.5 and then hopefully I can get access back.