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iqn issue with ignite restore

Valued Contributor

iqn issue with ignite restore

Hi , we got a Ignite Golden Image ,

HP-UX 11.31.

Lefthand scsi.

we installed or firts system without any problems .

using this  Image on second systems   we notices the iscsiutil -l :

/opt/iscsi/bin>iscsiutil -l
Initiator Name            :
Initiator Alias           :

Authentication Method     :
CHAP Method               : CHAP_UNI
Initiator CHAP Name       :
CHAP Secret               :
NAS Hostname              :
NAS Secret                :
Radius Server Hostname    :
Header Digest             : None,CRC32C (default)
Data Digest               : None,CRC32C (default)

the  Initiator Name            : is  exactly the  same as on first system .

we removed ISCSI software removed /dev/isw and /dev/iscsi

reinstalled iscsi , still the same name:

changed name with iscsciutil -i -N

Bit this  seems not enough ,  adding storing to this  systems does not show up , with ioscan etc ..


does anybody know  how  I can recreate by the  system a new  iqn name ??