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Occasional Advisor


i think SAN got overprovisioned and now vsphere server showing the datastore as "inactive". 2 5.4TB P4500 and 1 5.4TB P4500 G2 w/ 8 1.6TB LUNs in network raid 0. i created about a 12TB datastore using VMFS extents. at the weekend added another 5.4TB P4500 G2. added to the cluster and then converted the LUN's to network raid 5, which made them thin. now ending up overprovisioned? can i reconvert the LUN's back to thick network raid 0?

Occasional Advisor

Re: overprovisioned

had help w/ HP support to look into this. W/ network raid 5, parity snapshot got added which increased the LUN size greater than 2TB which is larger than maximum vmfs extent size. so reverted back to thick provisioned network raid 0.

did a rescan of iscsi initiator and then rescan vmfs datastore.



so i guess i'm gonna need another node.