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p4300 FOM manager

Regular Advisor

p4300 FOM manager


1. we have two p4300 nodes configured as cluster and FOM running in VMWARE player. now we need to migrate this FOM to another server. do i need to have any issue by just shutdown the current FOM, install VMWARE player on another server and start FOM in that with same IP and name. please let me know if anybody has an idea.

2. I am facing another issue like if i start one p4300 and FOM all volumes are not accessible to the servers. all volumes are configured as RAID10 (2way mirroring)and server OS is Windows 2008.

thanks aneez
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: p4300 FOM manager

1. should work, but you could also remove the old FOM from the management group and create a new one on the new server.

2. that sounds like the manager service is not started on the storage node.
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Re: p4300 FOM manager

hi Uwe,

thanks for your reply

from the attached screen shot the manager was running. so i don't think that made this issue.