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two P4300 in a Cluster with Windows Server 2012 Failovercluster on HyperV

Occasional Contributor

two P4300 in a Cluster with Windows Server 2012 Failovercluster on HyperV

Hi guys,

I've two P4300 g2 set up in a cluster via CMC. I've bound the Volume into my Windows Server 2012 environment via iSCSi. Then I installed the clusterfailover-feature, added the two nodes via Failover Manager, added the Volume to the cluster and converted it to CSV and set up a Hyper-V-VM. The planned failover and the shutdown of one node worked fine.

When I shutdown one of the SANs, everything crashes. I use the version 10 with the P4300 g2. I read in forums that I have to use FOM. There isn't any FOM to be found for the P4300, so I downloaded the version for the P4000 and 9.0. I've installed .net 2.0 on the server and started the setup of the FOM. A VM is installed on host2 and started, but it ends up in a kernel panic message.

How can I setup the FOM or how can I solve the problem that the shutdown of one SAN lets crash everything.




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