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Can't select Image Streamer appliance


Can't select Image Streamer appliance

I'm trying to add Image streamer to our synergy POC frame. I follow the HPE quick start guide and when I get to the point of adding the OS deployment server, I have no options to add it. I'm not sure if I missed something or if the appliance is broke.  Any help appreciated.




Re: Can't select Image Streamer appliance

Turns out this is a known issue with Image streamer. I sat on support calls for over 2 days with HPE R&D engineers troubleshooting this. The "fix" at the moment is as follows

1. reflash the image streamer

2. Pull the image streamer from the bay

3. reflash the composer

4. factory reset the frame link module

5. re-insert image streamer

6. Begin first time hardware setup

7. victory