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Expected and Actual info Logical Interconnect


Expected and Actual info Logical Interconnect

When looking at the Logical Interconnect view of my Synergy 20GB interconnects:

Expected: Synergy 20GB Interconnect Link Module

Actual: Synergy 20GB TAA Interconnect Link module

What is the difference between the "Expected" and "Actual".   Is this a problem?

Thanks,  Dave 

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Re: Expected and Actual info Logical Interconnect

No.  TAA is defined as:

TAA refers to the Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581), which is intended to foster fair and open international trade. TAA requires that the U.S. Government may acquire only “U.S. – made or designated country end products. This act requires that contractors must certify that each end product meets the applicable requirements. End products are ‘those articles, materials and supplies to be acquired for public use’.” This includes items which have been “substantially transformed” in the United States.

There is no functional difference between a TAA and non-TAA SKU product.  TAA mandates that the product has to “undergo significant transformation” like manufacturing or burning firmware in TAA designated country.

You can also read more about TAA designated countries here.


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