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HPE VSA disk type and disk size

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HPE VSA disk type and disk size


I have a Synergy frame with four SY 480 Gen9 blades and a D3940 module. I currently have 24 1.2TB HDDs in the module. The blades are all esxi hosts and I would like to be able to share the storage with all of them. So my questions are;

1 - Can I share storage amongst all blades without HPE VSA or do I need HPE VSA?

2 - I know HPE VSA is EOL, any other way I could share the storage with my ESXI nodes?

3 - If I have to do HPE VSA, does each blade have to have the same disk size and type? I ask this because i am planning to add more disk to the storage module and would like to get larger capacity disks.

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Re: HPE VSA disk type and disk size

You can use VMware vSAN to accomplish the same thing as done by VSA

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