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Hyper-V Manager Console Very Slow to Connect to VM

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Hyper-V Manager Console Very Slow to Connect to VM


I have HPE Synergy 480 Gen 10 and HPE Synergy 3820c 10/20G Converged Network Adapter. I installed(manuel or automatic doesn't notice )  Windows Server 2016 (same issue on Windows Server 2012 R2) and updated all firmware and updates. I installed Hyper-v Feature and and set virtual switch one of NIC. Other NIC I set for management. (I have 8 NIC and other 6 NIC is disable) I created new virutal machine on Hyper-V Manager. I am tying to connect Virtual Machine on console and waiting about 40 seconds on connecting to VM console screen. If I disable management NIC, console connection work fine and connect about 1 second. I opend ticket on Microsoft but not solved. I tried to disable VMQ all NIC but not same issue still continue.

Note : I have 18 server and all servers have same issue.


Re: Hyper-V Manager Console Very Slow to Connect to VM


Whether Management and Vswitch NIC are in same vlan? Did you try using different vlan's for the interface?

Which kind of network do you assigned to VMs? Internal network, External network or Private network?

Also have you update Integration services for these guest virtual machines?

You may also check the following post and blog or try other performance test tools:

Hyper-V: Virtual Networking Survival Guide

Optimizing Performance on Hyper-V
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You may also contact HPE support with logs and setup details.

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