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Monitoring Synergy Chassis.

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Monitoring Synergy Chassis.


We just received a couple of synergy chassis which we are currently configuring , have some doubts questions maybe someone would help me trash them out : 

1) Is there a way how to monitor/ get throughput statistics of the interconnect switches ? We are equipped with the SE 40Gb F8 modules and we were thinking of using our observium to have some statistics.  Together with this we also would like to have throughput statistics on the ether uplinks, cannot find a way how to extract this imp info. 

2) Is there a possible way how to interact with the VC as we used to do back in the standard virtual connect such as check uplink status etc via cli or once this is being managed by OneView this is no longer possible ? 

Thank you 



Re: Monitoring Synergy Chassis.


To answer your queries:

1) Actually there are no option to Monitor the complete Interconnect module statistics in the Oneview for VC 40Gb F8 modules.

However, you can the statistics / Advance statistics information for each Uplink & downlink ports one by one from Oneview.

Oneview --> Interconnect--> select the interconnect --> choose uplink or downlink --> Then expand the each ports to see options for statistics.


2) There are options and secure login for the VC module CLI.

However these are allowed to be used by HPE support only for troubleshooting issues.

For customers, There are no option for VC CLI access. It should be managed only by Oneview.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Monitoring Synergy Chassis.

ok Sharis - thank you, tried my luck, hopefully they introduce some form of snmp monitoring in the next releases of OV.