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Re: OneView Server Profiles - iLO SSL Certificate Configuration

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OneView Server Profiles - iLO SSL Certificate Configuration

Before OneView, we've always manually generated SSL certs for iLO by creating certificate requests and then processing the request on our internal CA, and then importing the cert.  Now that we have Synergy w/ OneView, I'm hoping to automate this process but I don't see how.  It seems that Oneview automatically configures an SSL cert using the common name - <serial number>.<FQDN>.  I'd like to edit that so it uses the FQDN of the actual iLO name, not the serial number, so that we don't get certificate mismatch warnings when browsing to the iLO GUI.

I've configured the iLO settings on the master profile, but I don't see any options in there to control the SSL settings other than in the "Manage directory configuration" setting which allows you to import your AD cert.

What am I missing?  Or am I making this more difficult than it has to be?  How are you guys handling your certs?


Re: OneView Server Profiles - iLO SSL Certificate Configuration


iLO web interface via SSO was launched using the iLO IP address. Starting with 5.0 release, you can also access iLO by using the fully qualified iLO hostname by clicking on the hostname link in theserver hardware overview or hardware page however it obsereved that some times the link still launches to iLO address some times giving the certificate warning.

This is likely to be addressed in the next version of Oneview which is 5.20, so that you can launch the iLO using the  fully qualified iLO hostname.

Incase if you need further assistance with regards to importing and configuring certificate then please do refer the 5.0 help page.


Feel free to reply incase if need further clarification.