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Re: Questions about setting up a Logical Internet Group

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Questions about setting up a Logical Internet Group

Using OneView 4.20.   # of Chassis: 4

I'm setting up the new LIG to document specific settings we will be using in our enterprise.   I've hit some documentation that is not matching of with my version of OneView when creating a new LIG.

Steps taken:

  • Name the new LIG
  • Select my type of LIG "Virtual Connect 40Gb F8 Module for Synergy"

At this point, I'm prompted for a drop down to select Enclosure Count.   I have 4 frames, so should this be set to 4?

Next, I have a drop down for Interconnect bay set.  What is the correct way to set up this setting?

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I have 4 frames, would my enclosure count 

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Re: Questions about setting up a Logical Internet Group

Yes, the enclosure count is how many frames you will have.

The interconnect bay set refers to the inteconnect fabrics, of which there are 3 fabrics in pairs (1+4, 2+5, and 3+6).  If you float over the pulldown there is fly-over help and there's also a link that explains interconnect bay sets.

For a SE VC 40Gb F8, it will select the default population rule which is interconnect bay set 3:  slot 3 in one frame, slot 6 in another frame, and it will then know where the interconnect link modules in all the other frame belong automatically.

It's "only" a LIG, so you can experiment with it as much as you want without hurting anything.



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