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Re: Move compute module with SAS D3940 attached drives

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[Solved] Move compute module with SAS D3940 attached drives

Dear community,

I have to move 40 computes SY 480 Gen10 modules to another brand new configured Synergy, one by one.

The problem I have is that all of them have attached SAS drives (2 to 4 drives), through a storage module D3940, they do not run any local drives.

Does somebody already proceed to that kind of move ?

I've tried the following method, unsuccessfully :

* Halt the compute module
* Eject it
* Remove attached 3 drives in the D3940 modules
* Insert it in a new Synergy frame
* Insert 3 previous drives in a new D3940
* Create 3 jbod with those 3 drives
* Creating a new server profile, pointing to the compute I've moved
* Adding the 3 new jbod associated to the 3 previous drives

The server did not boot

Many thanks,



Re: Move compute module with SAS D3940 attached drives

Hi Jujux,

The HPE Synergy Solution is a 'composable infrastructure', and the mode of operation is 'compose' & 'decompose'.
The procedure you mentioned is basically migration, which is not supported.
Here are the technical facts >
When you assign a certain number of disks from the D3940 to a server (using the server's profile), this creates the zoning on the SAS interconnect modules and the RAID data is saved to the disk.
If any disk or set of disks are moved from the D3940 and configured elsewhere, then the disks' RIS data gets overwritten and data is lost.

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Re: Move compute module with SAS D3940 attached drives

Hello Tech3d,

I've been able to move a gen10 compute blade to another synergy frame, without loosing any data 

Here is the method :

* I power off the compute (1*gen10 + 3*800GB ssd d3940 attached)
* I remove the compute and the associated drives
* I check the D3940 target that has no free drives
* I insert the compute and 3 new drives
* I create a profile with the new blade, same than source profile, and create external drive in the mezzanine storage configuration, with the same configuration that the source profile as well
* During the storage configuration, I check that available drives quantity is identical to my needs (3 drives)
* After profile creation, I check that the legacy tree drives have been added to the new jbod
* I start the moved server, and I enjoy
* I delete legacy and jbod configuration