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Specifying a IP range for OneView setup


Specifying a IP range for OneView setup

Is there a way other than subnet masking to set a IP range for OneView?    I have a few OneView instances that are class B networks and each instance will consume less than 100 IP addresses.    The smallest subnet setting I see is 512 ip addresses.    

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Re: Specifying a IP range for OneView setup

Keep in mind that the subnet ranges are applicable only to the local HPE Synergy ring.  There are a maximum of 21 frames, each containing a maximum of 12 compute and 6 fabric modules.  So, that means roughly 378 IP addresses would be needed for just 1 IPv4 or IPv6 Subnet.  That assumes no Image Streamer configuration BTW.

As for configuring, that is all dependant upon you and what you need to allocate.  Not everyone can allocate concurrent IP ranges.  You define a Subnet, with the appropriate subnet mask, then include IP's within a range.  The IP's you specify cannot go beyond the subnet mask you define within the Subnet resource.  And really, we are talking about classless address configuration here.  So, the fact you have a Class B has nothing to do with configuring the IPv4 Subnet.

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