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Synergy Chassis Interconnect: No Statistics

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Synergy Chassis Interconnect: No Statistics

In Interconnects --> [40Gb Interconnect] --> [Uplink or Downlink Ports] --> Port --> Statistcs

I get the message "No Statistics"


In the Logical Interconnect I have utilization Sampling enabled. In fact, I just disabled it and re-enabled it. Is there anywhere else that I have to tick a box to get utilization sampling?


Re: Synergy Chassis Interconnect: No Statistics


There is no other settings to enable statistics display.

You could try following steps to see if it works:

1) Refresh the Frame which has the interconnect installed

2) Refresh the interconnect module itself 

3) Reset the active link module (Frame -> Actions - reset link modules) and wait for refresh to complete

4) Reboot OneView 

In case none of these actions helps, please post the version of OneView and VC firmware to check further.



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