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Synergy FlatSAN

Hello, I recently acquired a Synergy 1200 Frame with 4 Synergy 480 Gen10 servers, with Synergy 3820C mezzanine. I also purchased 2 VirtualConnect SE 40Gb F8 Module. Synergy 8Gb FC Upgrade license was purchased.
I am connecting a 3PAR 8200 with FlatSAN to the Synergy, but when I finish the configuration and it is applied to the Interconnect the FC SFP stops sending beam of light so it could not make the connection to 3PAR
Can you guide me if I'm doing something wrong?


Re: Synergy FlatSAN

Direct Attach with 3PAR Storage (Flat SAN) is supported in HPE OneView 4.1 and later.

Hope you have created multiple FC Networks, and make sure they are Direct Attach, not Fabric Attach.

3PAR Persistent Ports port pair direct attach cabled to different interconnect modules is not supported. The appliance does not support the storage configuration where a pair of ports on a 3PAR StoreServ array are configured for Persistent Ports failover and are cabled for direct attach to two different interconnect modules on an enclosure. Suggested action is to either disable Persistent Port functionality on the 3PAR StoreServ array (for all ports on the array), or change the direct attach cabling to ensure partnered ports are connected to the same interconnect module.

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