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Synergy networks creation

We are in process building up our new synergy. We have two Virtual Connect SE 40Gb F8 Module connected to two TOR switches. Hosts are ESXi and vmware platform.

Recomendation was (from our HPE partner) to stack switches and crate vlans on those switches (we didn't have any), than to create networks on synergy with corresponding vlans.

Aren't we this way tagging our data twice?? What is the best pratice when crating networks. Is it better to do taggning on VC side or switch side?


Re: Synergy networks creation

Hello Sanja1,

You may refer to the HPE Synergy 40Gb F8 Switch Module VLAN Configuration guide. for more information.

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Re: Synergy networks creation

In most environments you will have at least a handful of VLANs already on the upstream Switches.

VMware Mgmt, maybe vMotion, Some VLANs for various App Servers (Physical and Virtual), etc.

You bring those from the Switches into the VC40 using VLAN Tagging.
This is not Tagging twice, this is more efficiently using the uplink to carry multiple VLANs at the same time.
VLAN Tagging is more like a Label, identifying which Frames are on which VLANs.

Otherwise you would have to bring in the VLANs each on their own uplink and if you had 20 VLANs, that would be quite a lot of uplink ports.
And you might find that VLAN 10's uplink is at maximum capacity while many others are only used a tiny amount.
Thus you send multiple VLANs down Multiple Uplinks and you get to share the bandwidth and carry easily 100 VLANs with no issues.

I hope this helps clarify.

I work for HPE

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