Synergy vs NSX-T

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Synergy vs NSX-T

Hello all,

I would like to ask you if somebody has experience and/or design guide for NSX-T running on Synergy. I have only found technical whitepaper which is focused on NSX-V, so it is not usable.

I have customer which decided to migrate from NSX-V to NSX-T and there is limitation on Synergy Virtual Connect side :

NSX-T needs (in customer's design) 4 independent uplinks bringing same VLAN (GENEVE VLAN in this case), so it is not possible because obvious reason where VirtualConnect allows one VLAN to be delivered only on one  NetworkSet / Compute module uplink pair.

As first recommendation a tunneled mode came to my mind, but is it "best practise" to do it in such way? I do not really know - do we have other choices?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Synergy vs NSX-T

Hi Michal,

I did dearched and couldnt find any technical paper for NST-V with Synergy. as you mentioned other thn NSX-V

But seems this is supported as part of VCF.

If you have Vmware support with HPE (or) with vendor itself, please log a support case for them to validate.


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Re: Synergy vs NSX-T

Hello Michal,

We were deploying NSX-T VCF Workload domain on HPE-Synergy and faced a similar problem with respect to the Geneve VLAN, however we did not face the issue in Proliant-DL and the NSX-T along with PKS deployment was successful.

Below is the screenshot where we are unable to establish the Geneve Tunnel on HPE SYnergy- ICMs









Re: Synergy vs NSX-T - Compatible and works !!

Hi All,

In response to the previous message,  NSX-T on HPE Synergy can be deployed.

As part of Solution Engineering team (ESP) we were able to deploy NSX-T as a VMware Cloud Foundation Workload Domain along with the PKS solution.

We were able to establish the geneve vtep between ESXi and NSX-edge and the error I have posted was due to a wrong gateway/router on the ToR switch that lead to the failure, however it is resolved and NSX-T deployed successfully on HPE Synergy.

All the latest HPE Synergy adapters supports VXLAN/GENEVE/NVGRE, please check the specs (revised Oct-7 2019) in the below link

PS - We will publishing a RA, Video very shortly (by end of Nov-2019), will be sharing the content here if required.