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The MGMT port for frame link module X is unlinked

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The MGMT port for frame link module X is unlinked


I have just performed an initial installation of a three frame Synergy installation with Image Streamer. Since I powered it on, MGMT ports used for Image Streamer are in unlinked status. At first, I figured it was because there is no logical interconnect configuration present. After I try to create the LIG/LE config, OV does not allow me and it complainf about MGMT ports unlinked. All other MGMT and LINK ports on all FLM's are linked.

Message is described here: http://h17007.www1.hpe.com/docs/iss/shared/error_gen10/GUID-29201593-8D0A-4958-B915-8320369D0C70.html

Cabling was done exactly as described here: http://h17007.www1.hpe.com/docs/synergy/shared/cabling/index.html#GUID-5BCAC230-FDE6-4CAB-919D-BDA4421A295D.html

Tried reseting and reseating the FLM's, reseting the ICM's. Now, I started the update to 4.20 version to check tomorrow if it helps. 

Any idea why?


Re: The MGMT port for frame link module X is unlinked

Hello Selector,

Just to clarify, you have the same indications on each frame or just in one of them? Try the upgrade to OV 4.2 as you mentioned and also run the FLM diagnostics. I would also recommend to backup your current configuration and perform a factory reset to the FLM.

Please do share your findings and any changes in status.




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