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Tool to read OneView Synergy .sdmp files?

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Tool to read OneView Synergy .sdmp files?

Is there an available tool that will allow me to read the OneView log files that have been generated Synergy frames?   I'd also like to be able to read through the .ahp files.    


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Re: Tool to read OneView Synergy .sdmp files?

HI Dave, 

There are two types of Support Dumps which can be generated within the OneView / OneView for Synergy. 

CI Support Dump and Logical Enclosure Support Dump.  The LE ( Logical Enclosure ) Support Dump is always encrypted and is only possible for  the support to read it. 

With the CI Support Dump on the other hand, You have the option to choose - download it with encryption or without. 

When no ecryption choosen - You will be able to read it and go through the single files / folders/.

For the AHS logs  - there is publically available AHS viewer within the HPE Support Center. 


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Re: Tool to read OneView Synergy .sdmp files?

Hi Dave ,

There are no tools to read the Oneview logs files.

There is an Option in Oneview -> Settings ->  Diagnostics. Here you read the cidebug log by using filter/keyword to understand what is happening when you perform any activity in Oneview.



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